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Authentic and Professional Servants

We put authentic relationship and trust first. Our  team of servant leaders focus on building connections and cultivating transformation for clients to achieve their success. We've learned how important it is to feel like you're navigating your future through personal creativity and proven strategy. We will coach you or your team through any transition, goal, area of improvement or strategic plan.  

With A Winning Philosophy

We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. The keys to success and productivity are within us and simply need cultivating. Coach Jerrell Beard & Maximum Success focus on long-term personal and professional development not just solutions for right now.  

Proven & Successful Leadership

Coach Beard is pursing a  Doctorate  in Strategic Leadership & Business. He holds a  Masters of Organizational Leadership & Coaching and Masters of Divinity from Regent University. He is a Credentialed & Certified Life and Leadership Coach from Life Transforming Coaching International. His experience includes TV Personality, Apostle, Author, Success Coach/Trainer, and Serial Entrepreneur. He has over twenty years of leadership and managment experience transforming lives and training leaders. He is the President of Beard Enterprises and Maximum Success Consulting & Coaching, Founder of New Direction Church International, President of New Direction CDC and Jerrell Beard Ministries. 

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Coach Stephen Covington

My experience with Maximum Success Coaching & Consulting has empowered me to launch my own coaching practice Open To Receive Life Coaching as well as write my first book Uncovered. Working with Coach JT and the staff was truly transforming. - Stephen Covington

Coach Laverne Cunningham

I have been a client of Maximum Success Coaching & Consulting for many years. I didn't know where to start with starting my organization. Maximum Success 'start to finish' consulting package helped me successfully start my missions organization Global Mission International. They wrote the business plan, helped secure my 501(c)3, designed my website, and more. The price was affordable. I'm also now a Christian Life Coach. - Laverne Cunningham, Founder of Global Mission

Coach Herb McBride

I really needed mentoring because I grew up without role models and influence that would help me achieve my dreams. Maximum Success Coaching provided the mentoring and coaching support that I needed at the right time in my life. Now I'm a Certified Life Coach & Entrepreneur. I could have never achieved this level of success without Coach JT and his team. - Herb McBride

Our Key Tools to help you succeed


Coaching is a support system for  change. With support and encouragement from someone who believes in us,  we can do more than we'd ever accomplish alone. A Coach helps you stay  on track, overcome obstacles, peak performance, increase productivity,  and achieve a life goal or dream. Coaches don't give solutions; they  help you find solution. 

Professional & Motivational Speaking

We inspire to offer our clients a life-changing,  performance improving experience. We can accommodate our clients through  Personal Appearances, Webinars, Skype, and Phone Conference. Clients  simply choose their topic and venue and we do the rest. Contact Maximum Success Consulting today for your next event or conference at 1-888-885-8232.  

Leadership Training & Development

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 In order to create an  organizational culture of successful leaders with organic enthusiasm and  relentless drive to achieve; one must immerse leaders in key concepts  for professional growth and vision achievement. Maximum Success offers  informative and life-changing industry specific leadership training, life coaching, and entrepreneurial coaching and consulting. 

Contact  Maximum Success Consulting at 1-888-885-8232 to discuss the strategy,  options, coaching, public speaking, training or more and payment plan. 


Coach Beard and the Maximum Success team provides leadership and life-transformation mentoring to clients seeking  to be a high performance achiever with competency, character, charisma  or living life with purpose. If you are looking to improve EVERYWHERE in  life and leadership, you need a mentor.
Mentors give advise, guidance, instruction as most of all model excellence and success.

30 Day Online Coach Certification

 Becoming a Coach is for individuals who have a sincere and authentic  love for people as well as a passion to see others succeed. If this is  you, you're a Coach in the making. What you need is skill or more skill!  What if you can achieve the skills your need from the comfort of your  home or office? From any mobile device or computer?

Our  Online Coach Certification allows you to leverage time and effort  through our AFFORDABLE, flexible, self-paced, web-concentric program!! 

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