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My life mission and passion is helping others succeed and achieve destiny!

Jerrell T. Beard, Sr. carries Doctorate credits in Strategic Leadership  & Business, a Masters of  Organizational Leadership & Coaching,  a Masters of Divinity in Practical Theology;  and a Bachelors of Religion  from Regent University of Virginia Beach, VA. He is also a Certified Life and  Leadership Coach through Life Forming Coaching International founded by Dr. Joseph Umidi (International Coach Trainer and Professor at Regent University) 

Jerrell Beard, Sr. is a TV Show Host, Serial Entrepreneur,  Success Coach, Author, and Church  Planter. His core values are significance, contribution, success, compassion and giving.  He studies,  researches, writes, and is a motivational speaker  in the fields of leadership, success  psychology, GRIT, Christian growth, and self-development.  He is the Host of Truth Revealed, Owner of Beard Enterprises, President of Maximum Success Coaching and Consulting, Founder and President of New  Direction CDC, and Founder of New Direction Church International. Visit or to learn more. 

 Coach Beard trains new and existing coaches as Instructor for the Maximum Success Online Academy. Visit to find out more. With over twenty years of  leadership and training across various industries, Coach Beard has spent  countless hours transforming lives, developing entrepreneurs, training  leaders, planting churches, and successfully mentoring and coaching  others. He is a transforming and passionate Public Speaker who teaches  with impact and significance. He has appeared on national and  international platforms and hosted several local radio programs. 

He  has written and self-published several books including 21 Principles of  Change, Becoming Your Best You, The Search “Six Dimensions of Purpose”,  Looking Within, and No Pain No Purpose. He currently host Truth  Revealed with Apostle Jerrell Beard on various TV stations around the  globe. Visit to learn more. 

Jerrell Beard - Coach. Trainer. Consultant.

Jerrell Beard, Sr. is a seasoned Coach, Trainer and Consultant. He is the President of Maximum Success Coaching and Consulting. Coach J T holds a Masters of Organizational Leadership and Coaching. He is also Certified through Life Transforming Coaching as a Life and Professional Coach. Coach JT is the Online Instructor for Maximum Success Academy. Visit to learn more about Maximum Success Online Academy.  

Jerrell Beard - New Direction CDC President

As a community leader for over twenty years, Jerrell Beard, Sr. has founded several organization as well as held numerous Board Member positions. He is the President and Founder of the New Direction CDC  which focuses on the prevention of hunger, child abuse, illiteracy and human suffering. 

Jerrell Beard - Television Host of Truth Revealed

Jerrell Beard, Sr. hosts the Christian Television program Truth Revealed which focuses on ministering the truth of God's Word with simplicity, understanding and power. Visit to learn more. View online at 

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Jerrell Beard, Sr. - Church Planter

As one called to the ministry of the office of an Apostle, Jerrell Beard, Sr. is passionate about planting churches and developing leaders. Learn more at and 

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