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The Power of Coaching

Coaching is a dynamic, interactive and empowering relationship between an experienced professional, namely a coach and a enthusiastic, teachable individual. 

Coaching is most of all a results driven relationship designed to help a client "dig deep" and find their own solutions that produce growth, meaning and potential. The question is not so much what is coaching but rather who is a coach?

A Coach is someone who understands that the world is a better place when its' people are living in purpose, happy and achieving their dreams. Furthermore, a coach is a winner and wants to see other win personally and professionally. At the core, a coach is someone who cares and enlists in a life journey of education, experience and engagement in the field of coaching. 


The Maximum Success Coaching Mission

The mission of Maximum Success Coaching is to equip people from every walk of life to live their dreams, enlarge their leadership influence, live on purpose, and create a lasting legacy.


Life. Legacy. leadership.

We offer expert coaching and leadership training with a guaranteed high ROI. 



SuccessMind Life and Legacy Coaching is strategically designed to determine life purpose, life balance or life legacy. It includes an approach that unearths the clients' greatest potential and authentic-self to design a strategic growth or improvement plan for success. Life and Legacy Coaching is about positioning you to have ownership of practical and organic approaches of transformation, improvement and life satisfaction. 

SuccessMind Life andCoaching at a glance includes:

  • Authentic Coach Relationship
  • Establish Vision & SMART Goal 
  • Core Purpose Exercise(s)
  • Wheel of Life Exercise
  • Gleaning Exercise
  • Core Value Exercise
  • Strategic & Customized IDP
  • Objective MLEI or CPI-260 Assessment
  • 6-12 months Life or Legacy Coaching
  • Guaranteed Growth and ROI
  • ICF Coaching Professionalism



Maximum Success Coaching offers Leadership Coaching to leaders, aspiring leaders, and teams at every level and across global industries. Leadership Coaching is designed to develop client's to achieve at a higher rate, perform at peak levels, learn and adopt new skills, as well as maximize authentic leadership competencies. 

Every leader and aspiring leader must practice continual growth that's challenging, developmental and focused on future success. We'll help you align with your organizations goals and mission; excel your productivity and proficiency, and terminate weaknesses that hold you back. Here's what our  Maximum Leadership Coaching offers at a glance:

  • Authentic Coach Relationship
  • Establish Vision & SMART Goals
  • Powerful Inner Core/Outer Core Gifts & Traits Assessment using the MLEI
  • Strategic & Customized ILDP
  • Core Purpose Exercise(s)
  • Stakeholders & Mentor Engagement, Feedback and Coaching from STLI - 360
  • 6-12 months of Leadership Coaching 
  • Guaranteed Growth and ROI
  • ICF Compliant



Maximum Success Coaching offers Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching to leaders at every level, including C-Suite, and across global industries thru John Mattone Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching model. 

We leverage the world renown process and experience of  John Mattone Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching model. John Mattone is the #1 Executive Coach in the world and former Coach to Steve Jobs. He is the father of Intelligent Leadership Coaching and the MLEI (Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory). Our ICF approved approach to Executive coaching has been proven to develop growth for companies like Apple, Amazon, AT&T, IBM, Columbia University, Heineken and more..

Here's a glance of what the John Mattone Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching offers at a glance:

  • Authentic Coach Relationship
  • Powerful Inner Core/Outer Core Strengths & Traits Assessment using the John Mattone MLEI & CPI-260
  • Behavioral  Leader Analyzes 
  • Strategic & Customized Individual Leader Development Plan
  • Core Purpose Exercise(s)
  • Stakeholders & Mentor Engagement, Feedback and Coaching from STLI - 360
  • LeaderWatch Mini-Survey
  • 6-12 months of Executive Coaching 
  • Guaranteed Growth and ROI
  • ICF Compliant

Christian Coaching


 Maximum Success Coaching offers Maximum Christian Coaching to individuals seeking to improve their quality of life through spiritual awareness, biblical principles, and pathways to destiny.

Maximum Christian Coaching is requires practicing a leap of faith toward renewal, divine design, as well as restoration through spiritual mapping and coaching. Clients benefit from learning the wisdom of God, deep inner growth, and the Spirit of Excellence. Here is what our Maximum Christian Coaching offers at a glance:

  • Authentic Coach Relationship
  • Establish Vision & SMART Goal 
  • Divine Core Purpose Exercise(s)
  • Establishing Scriptural Authority 
  • Gleaning Exercise
  • Core Value Exercise
  • Customized Biblical IDP
  • Developmental Reading Plan
  • 6-12 months Maximum Christian Coaching
  • Guaranteed Growth and ROI
  • ICF Compliant

Coach Certification


 Maximum Success provides clients with the opportunity to live their  dreams as a Life, Leadership or Christian Coach. We offer relevant, academic and ICF  (International Coach Federation) Ethics certified programs and hold the highest  standard of character, confidentiality, and integrity. You are our  greatest asset and your success is our greatest desire.   

Coach Certification at a glance:

  • Certification in 30 days or less Online  
  • Three-Day Onsite Group Certification(s) by Coach Jerrell Beard
  • Industry Specific Content
  • ICF Compliant
  • Personal transformation into coaching
  • Working with Volunteer Clients for immersion into the Coach Training process
  • Five - ten personal coaching sessions with a Peer coach, client and/or coach trainer by phone, Skype, or in person
  • Web-concentric modules
  • Audio teachings
  • Worksheets
  • Exercises

Maximum Success Mentoring


Maximum Success provides life, legacy and leadership  mentoring  to clients seeking to be a high performance achiever with competency,  character, charisma or leading with authenticity, impact and purpose. If you are looking to  improve EVERYWHERE in life, leadership, and legacy you need a mentor. 

Mentors give advise, guidance, instruction as most of all model excellence and success. Coach J T Beard is a mentor to many. He models the spirit of excellence in life, leadership, and professional arenas. 

Mentoring at a glance includes:

  • Establish an authentic mentoring relationship
  • Core Values Exercise
  • Core Purpose Exercise
  • Unlimited Calls and Texts
  • FREE copy of one of my success or developmental books
  • Transparent Mentor Feedback
  • Mentee Personal Development
  • Customized Mentoring
  • Guaranteed Growth 

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