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Leadership is everything. Developing yourself and your team an authentically, relational and competency leaders is a MUST for sustainable success and growth.  Your organization's culture, ROI, brand...EVERYTHING depends on the inner-core vibrancy, values, patterns and character of the leadership - period! There is no way around this reality. So, personal development and the development of your leadership team can not go unaddressed. My purpose and gift to the planet is helping others achieve their maximum potential, impact and influence. 


We provide you with the candid and objective feedback you need to make sound business decisions as an Entrepreneur. Our consulting philosophy is designed to help you make tough decisions, capitalize on market opportunities and develop action plans that are realistic and designed to achieve maximum success. As management, leadership, and Entrepreneur consultant, my consulting philosophy is based in working with you to review realistic opportunities for the success of your ideas and your business. By working in a close partnership with you and your management team, I insure your involvement and total commitment to implementing the plans and strategies developed to achieve results. I take a personal and professional coaching approach to working with each of my clients! 

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Church Planting


Church planting is COSTLY and can be very difficult if you are unable to invest sacrificially into the work you are starting. Faith is essential in any new venture and there is no doubt that dependence on God and His miraculous supply is part of the adventure. However, many years of pain and heartache can be avoided if you have counted the cost and sacrificially invested into the new ground you are claiming. 

As a Church Plant consultant, I am  are here to improve and challenge your strategy, motivate your leadership, strategize community connection, develop your CDC, as well as examine your community strategies and growth methods to succeed. I've been doing this for years and am capable of helping  you and your team succeed.  Contact me for a FREE CONSULTATION. 

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Starting a nonprofit organization can be an inspiring way to live out your passion and destiny, give back to your community and help those in need. However, it is important to understand all of the steps involved in this process before moving forward. Growing and sustaining a nonprofit may take years of effort and a great deal of determination. 

Succeeding means:

  • Conducting research and analysis
  • Building a strong foundation with a mission, Board of Directors and Business Plan
  • Incorporate the organization
  • File for 501(c)3 Status
  • Structuring relevant programs that reach the community
  • Engaging in successful fundraising

These are just a few tips and steps to building a successful and lasting organization. I am here to help you maximize your success. Call or contact me for a FREE CONSULTATION. 

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