Core purpose statement

Maximum Success Core Purpose

Why are you on this planet? What is your WHY? 

Everyone wants to know why they are here or what's their life purpose. Without the knowledge and confidence of who you REALLY are you will fail at purpose, vision and destiny. 

One of the most powerful methods for cultivating your purpose and destiny is to create and live by a core purpose statement, philosophy, or creed. Such statements capture the essence of the person you want to become (and must become), what qualities you want to develop (and must develop), what you want to accomplish (and must accomplish), and what contributions you want to make (and must make). Clarity on these issues is critical because it affects everything else—the goals you set, the decisions you make, the paradigms you hold, and the ways you spend your time. 

A Core Purpose Statement (CPS) based on correct principles becomes a standard for an individual. It becomes a personal constitution, the basis for making life-directing decisions and daily decisions in the midst of the circumstances and emotions that affect your life. 

Core Purpose Package

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