21 principles of change "grow your greatness"


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In life, change will occur, whether you want it to or not. Jerrell Beard has laid out the forecast of where to expect change and then gives you a game plan to navigate the changes in life for your benefit. 21 Principles of Change should be read by anyone who wants to be prepared for life's changes and to live up to their greatest potential. - Alan H Turner II, President & CEO – United Way of Central Florida

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How many people does it take to make a difference in the world? Just one according to Jerrell Beard. And that one is you! One changed life will create a tidal wave of change that is irrevocable and irreplaceable.

- Dr. Jim Toole, Founder of Original Design Ministry and Author of Xtreme Leadership

Carefully researched and well written! I recommend this resource to anyone who is willing to embrace these 21 Principles of Change. This amazing, powerful and compelling book will serve as an agent of change not only for you, but those around you. -Wayne D. Fleming, President of United Brotherhood Ministry.

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Life & Christian Coaching


Life & Christian Coaching is a rewarding approach to identifying how to map out a vision for your life plan. It includes a deep introspective dive into understanding your core essence. Life Coaching can propel you onto a purposeful track of fulfillment as you improve every area of your life. By taking the life  or Christian coach journey with Maximum Success you will experience: 

  • Authentic Coach Relationship
  • Establish Vision & SMART Goal 
  • Core Purpose Exercise(s)
  • Wheel of Life Exercise
  • Gleaning Exercise
  • Core Value Exercise
  • Strategic & Customized IDP
  • Objective MLEI or CPI-260 Assessment
  • Spiritual Guidance (Christian)
  • 6-12 months Life or Legacy Coaching
  • Guaranteed Growth and ROI
  • ICF Coaching Professionalism

Leadership & Entrepreneur Coaching


Leadership & Entrepreneur Coaching is designed to improve your leading impact, growth, profitability, business vision as well as your capacity to influence those whom you serve. Maximum Success Leadership & Entrepreneur Coaching uses the INTELLIGENT Leader model for all of our courageous leaders and Entrepreneurs. This process focuses on the health and vibrancy of your "inner core" i.e. character, self-concept, behaviors, thought patterns and more in a strategic, results-driven effort to grow your "outer-core" i.e. emotional intelligence, critical thinking, strategic thinking, vision casting, team leadership and more. Here's what our  Maximum Leadership & Entrepreneur Coaching offers at a glance:

  • Authentic Coach Relationship
  • Establish Vision & SMART Goals
  • Powerful Inner Core/Outer Core Gifts & Traits Assessment using the MLEI
  • Strategic & Customized ILDP
  • Core Purpose Exercise(s)
  • Stakeholders & Mentor Engagement, Feedback and Coaching from STLI - 360
  • 6-12 months of Leadership Coaching 
  • Guaranteed Growth and ROI
  • ICF Compliant

Executive Coaching


Executives, Mid-Level Managers, Pastors and the like require concentrated and result-driven development that leverages their strengths. In addition, their Core Purpose must align with the mission and vision of the organization that they serve. Maximum Success Coaching offers Executives just that - a "deep-dive" transformation to maximize their position and value in the global marketplace. As a Certified Intelligent Leader Executive Coach, Jerrell Beard personally coaches each Executive with a keen respect, awareness and honor. In addition, Jerrell Beard work diligently to offer each Executive an authentic and trusting experience.
Here's a glance of what the John Mattone Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching offers at a glance:

  • Authentic Coach Relationship
  • Powerful Inner Core/Outer Core Strengths & Traits Assessment using the John Mattone MLEI & CPI-260
  • Behavioral  Leader Analyzes 
  • Strategic & Customized Individual Leader Development Plan
  • Core Purpose Exercise(s)
  • Stakeholders & Mentor Engagement, Feedback and Coaching from STLI - 360
  • LeaderWatch Mini-Survey
  • 6-12 months of Executive Coaching 
  • Guaranteed Growth and ROI



Mentors give advise, guidance, instruction as most of all model excellence and success. Coach J T Beard is a mentor to many. He models the spirit of excellence in life, leadership, and professional arenas.
Mentoring at a glance includes:

  • Establish an authentic mentoring relationship
  • Core Values Exercise
  • Core Purpose Exercise
  • Unlimited Calls and Texts
  • FREE copy of one of my success or developmental books
  • Transparent Mentor Feedback
  • Mentee Personal Development
  • Customized Mentoring
  • Guaranteed Growth 

Coach Certification


At Maximum Success, we love the power of coaching and offer that contagious power to others. Becoming a Coach is for individuals who have a sincere and authentic  drive to see others grow and excel as well as a passion to see others succeed. Jerrell Beard offers Coach Certification Online as well as On-site through Maximum Success Coaching. Maximum Success Coaching Academy a premier coaching program dedicated to giving leaders and professional an academic, relevant and transformational Life, Leadership or Christian Coach Certification. 

In 30 days or less, you can be a Certified Life, Leadership or Christian Coach equipped with the knowledge, skill and confidence to coach others professionally. Find out more TODAY!



Maximum Success offers consulting services in the areas of Strategic Leadership, Small Business Development, Church Planting, Christian Leadership, Organizational Development, Nonprofits, Entrepreneurship and Book Publishing. As an experienced Executive, Author, Entrepreneur, Church Planter, and President of nonprofits; Jerrell Beard knows the competencies, strategies, vision tools, team and growth plans as well as organizational components to help you adapt and execute at every phase of your business success. 

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Coach Stephen Covington


My experience with Maximum Success Coaching & Consulting has empowered me to launch my own coaching practice Open To Receive Life Coaching as well as write my first book Uncovered. Working with Coach JT and the staff was truly transforming. - Stephen Covington

Coach Laverne Cunningham


I have been a client of Maximum Success Coaching & Consulting for many years. I didn't know where to start with starting my organization. Maximum Success 'start to finish' consulting package helped me successfully start my missions organization Global Mission International. They wrote the business plan, helped secure my 501(c)3, designed my website, and more. The price was affordable. I'm also now a Christian Life Coach. - Laverne Cunningham, Founder of Global Mission

Coach Herb McBride


I really needed mentoring because I grew up without role models and influence that would help me achieve my dreams. Maximum Success Coaching provided the mentoring and coaching support that I needed at the right time in my life. Now I'm a Certified Life Coach & Entrepreneur. I could have never achieved this level of success without Coach JT and his team. - Herb McBride

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