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What is coaching?

 A coach's role is to assist clients in meeting their stated goals. To do  this, coaches provide clients with questions, observations, feedback,  encouragement, support, and accountability. Unlike a therapist’s  exploration of origins of emotional or psychological trauma and tends to  be long-term and intensive, a coach explores behaviors, values,  motivators, and, to some degree, emotional issues. Coaching is primarily  focused on the present and future, with a concentration on  time-limited, action-oriented results. 

How do I prepare for a Phone Coaching session?

Set SMART goals that you can discuss with your Coach. Find a quite place where you can focus without distractions during the call. Build a relationship with your Coach. Trust the coaching relationship and believe in yourself. 

Do I pay for coaching when I book an appointment? 

Yes. By schedule an appointment, you are required to pay for your coaching fees in advance. This is a common practice for most Coaches. 

What is the website address for the Online Certifications?

The Maximum Success Online Academy address, where you can get Coach Certification in 30 days or less is 

What is the difference between Life Coaching and Christian Coaching?

Life Coaching and Christian Coaching are practiced based on many of the same principles some of which are building a trusting relationship, believing in the client, asking powerful questions, etc. However, gain the competencies of a Christian Coach means learning to use Scripture in context, learning use of discernment, engaging the Holy Spirit and more...

Can I schedule a face-to-face booking session?

99% of Coaching sessions are conducted Online or by Phone. However, each Coach understands that some client learn and grow faster face-to-face. It's up to the Coach's discretion whether to conduct face-to-face coaching. Trust you Coach and yourself. 

What is the cost of training sessions?

How do I book Jerrell Beard, Sr.?

If interested in booking Jerrell Beard, Sr. for coaching, training, Keynote and more, complete a contact form with details about your needs and our agency will follow up with you. Please know that there is no guarantee that your request will be met. 

Are coaching fees refundable?

No. Coaching fees are non-refundable. However, a Coach or client may discontinue the coaching relationship at anytime after the first coaching session. 

If I become a Certified Coach, how do I find clients?

Maximum Success Coaching has a marketing, advertising and promotions training included in the Coach Certification package specifically addressing how to gain clients. 

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How do I create additional income as a Zeal Consultant? 

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What is the Maximum Success or Beard Enterprise mailing address?

P.O.Box 1772 Smyrna, TN 37167

How do I enroll in the Christian Leaders Alliance?

Visit our Christian Leaders Alliance page and learn more about CLA. Visit our SHOP or Products page and register at anytime for many of our memberships or Certification services. 

I need help learning about become a Licensed Clergy through the CLA. Who do I contact?

Complete a contact form on our website communication your interest and someone will return your request with specific information to meet your needs.