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Coaching is a support system for  change. With support and encouragement from someone who believes in us,  we can do more than we'd ever accomplish alone. A Coach helps you stay  on track, overcome obstacles, peak performance, increase productivity,  and achieve a life goal or dream. Coaches don't give solutions; they  help you solve your own problems and tap into your highest level of  competence. A Coach is a professional friend and confidant who can help  you achieve MAXIMUM SUCCESS!!!  

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Maximum Success Core Focus

We  partner with individuals, businesses, and organizations who are seeking  to improve performance, productivity, leadership capacity, bottom-line  profit and the quality of life.  We provide individual, business & leadership mentoring, coaching, consulting, speaking and training.  Maximum Success President and CEO, Jerrell Beard, Sr., has over twenty  years of servant leadership, management, supervision, board leadership,  and non-profit development, and church planting skills as well as many  years of research, education, and self-development. He leads our team as a Thought Leaders in

  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Small-Mid Business Start Up
  • Organization and Strategic Leadership
  • Life Purpose
  • Dream & Goal Achievement
  • Church Leadership
  • Spiritual Growth.

How We Cultivate Change & Growth


As  an organization, Maximum Success facilitates change through helping  clients excel. A glance at our deliverables describe that we:

  • Coach and train clients to peak performance and increase productivity
  • Education and inspire leaders through organizational and leader training
  • Self-development
  • Improve client success psychology through focused training modules and evidence-based strategies
  • Mentor individuals through authentic relationship and personal behavior change
  • Facilitate Online & On-Site Coach Certification 

Whether it's a dream goal, business strategy, life transition, or simply facilitating some much needed change-Maximum Success can make the difference between success and failure. 

Our Mission

 Our mission is to deliver success based coaching and consulting that satisfies every client.  

Our Alignment with International Coach Federation & Life Transforming Coaching


Maximum Success has ICF Competency focused training. Maximum Success invests in preparing our coaches and our coach training materials so that those who choose to pursue International Coach Federation (ICF) credentials are prepared to meet the requirements. Each Maximum Success certification program covers all 11 ICF Core Coaching Competencies and provides coach training hours that can be used toward ICF credentials. The more certification programs achieved by a coach equals a greater number of training hours that can be transferable to the ICF credentialing requirements. Maximum Success training falls into the 3rd category under Definitions for coach specific training on the ICF website, which reads: 

"Training that is specifically marketed as teaching coaching skills, that teaches coaching skills or teaches how to apply technical skills in a coach-like manner and teaches coaching skills in accordance with the ICF Core Competencies." 

Maximum Success Services


Coach JT Beard core values are service, success, significance and contribution. Coaching inspires his passion to help others. He is a Success and Professional Leadership Coach/Trainer.  Coach JT Beard is the Trainer and Instructor for Maximum Success Online Academy which offers Life, Leadership, & Christian Coaching Certification. Visit to find out more. Schedule your life-changing coaching session on our homepage with Coach JT. Or hire a coach today on our products page. 


Coach JT Beard is a transforming and passionate Public Speaker who teaches  with impact and significance. He has appeared on national and  international platforms and hosted several local radio programs  empowering individuals and community leaders. He has spent  countless hours transforming lives, developing entrepreneurs, training  leaders, planting churches, and successfully mentoring and coaching  others.


With over twenty years of  leadership and training across various industries

Coach J T Beard has experienced the success and failure of leadership. He focuses on helping clients achieve peak performance,  leadership and life success, and live with greater purpose.  He studies,  researches, writes, and speaks in the fields of leadership, success  psychology, GRIT, Christian growth, and self-development. He has  achieved Doctorate studies in Strategic Leadership and Business, and  completed a Masters of Divinity, Masters of Organizational Leadership and Bachelors of Religious Studies. 

Success Mentor


Maximum Success provides leadership and life-transformation mentoring  to clients seeking to be a high performance achiever with competency,  character, charisma or living life with purpose. If you are looking to  improve EVERYWHERE in life and leadership, you need a mentor.
Mentors give advise, guidance, instruction as most of all model excellence and success. Coach J T Beard is a mentor to many. He models the spirit of excellence in life, leadership, and professional arenas. 

Coach Certification

The National Average statistics per hour wage for Coaching Fees range anywhere from $75 to $215 per hour. Becoming a Coach is for individuals who have a sincere and authentic  love for people as well as a passion to see others succeed.  What if you can achieve the skills your need from the comfort of your home or office? From any mobile device or computer?  Maximum Success provides clients with the opportunity to live their  dreams as a Life, Christian or Leadership Coach. We are ICF  (International Coach Federation) Ethics trained and hold the highest  standard of character, confidentiality, and integrity. You are our  greatest asset and your success is our greatest desire.   

Maximum Success Products

Get inspired and empowered with success and leadership development material from Coach J T Beard and Maximum Success Coaching and Consulting. 


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Maximum Success can help you achieve your goals and dreams through life changing coaching and professional consulting for entrepreneurs, leaders and small business owners. 

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