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The Passion and Profit of Coaching

Navigating others in the fulfillment of their goals and dreams breathes life into a Coach's existence. But why not get paid well for your passion. The National Average statistics per hour wage for Coaching Fees range anywhere from $75 to $215 per hour. 

Online Education in Coaching and Abroad

Learning online provides the flexibility for busy people to achieve educational and career goals while remaining effective in their industry. Professionals are able to leverage technological advancements to excel at their level and degree of competency. 

Spiritual Renewal

Reading the Bible on a daily basis offering a sense of peace. The Scriptures provide insight into God's daily provision for those who love Him. Every challenge become an opportunity to find the good that God is doing in your life. Seek God daily for renewal and refreshing. 

Current Leadership Trends

 Chris White, managing director of the Center for Positive Organizations at The University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, tells Inc. that  today's best leaders are engaging in "endogenous resourcing," an  academic term that refers to finding unique ways to unlock employees'  hidden strengths. White explains that by focusing on building  relationships with your employees, you can discover their full  capabilities while also providing them with a feeling of ownership over  their work and a greater sense of well-being. 

Fred Keller, founder and CEO of Grand Rapids, Michigan-based plastics manufacturing company Cascade Engineering, has led his multimillion-dollar business based on a quote from 18th-century theologian and social reformer John Wesley: "Do all the good you can."  

The Power of Grit

According to Forbes Magazine, grit requires perseverance, long-term goals, excellence, consciousness and most of all courage. How much grit do you have toward achieving your goals and dreams. "Your ability to manage fear of failure is imperative and a predicator of  success. The supremely gritty are not afraid to tank, but rather  embrace it as part of a process. They understand that there are valuable  lessons in defeat and that the vulnerability of perseverance is  requisite for high achievement." - Forbes

Courageous Faith Conference

. Are you ready for more conferences, coaching, or events that transform your life? Are you ready to kick your faith into overdrive and break the chains of fear? Has fear paralyzed your ability to move forward with God's plan for your life? Are you ready to leap into action but need more courage? Courageous Faith Conference "Taking a Bold Leap of Faith to the Next Level" will change your life. 

Join us March 29-31st, Thursday - Saturday at New Direction Church 105 Threet Industrial Blvd. Smyrna TN. Thursday -  Friday from 7pm-9pm and Saturday from 9am-1pm. Register today for this FREE life-changing move of God. 


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Courageous Faith Conference

Boldly Leap for the Next Level Without Fear! 


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