stli-360 feedback assessment

John Mattone Strategic Tactical Leadership Index (STLI-360)

This multi-rater survey is designed to assist you in your professional development. Every aspect of the process is customized to your organization and the core competencies believed to be important to your professional growth and development.

  • Encourage candid and honest communication between you and your colleagues
  • Help you identify your professional strengths and developmental opportunities
  • Establish a quantitative baseline that will allow you to assess your progress 
  • Give you the opportunity to improve your skills by being more aware of others' perceptions and observations of your performance 
  • Guide your conversations with your colleagues to ensure you remain informed of others' observations and suggestion

As a Certified LifeForming Professional  Coach & Certfied John Mattone Global Partner at the Master Executive Coach level, Maximum Success Coaching  offers you the experience directly from John Mattone's proprietary toolkit used by companies like FedEx, PepsiCo, Amazon, Apple and more. - Coach Jerrell Beard

John Mattone’s proprietary Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index-360™ (STLI-360) is a 72-item (measuring 9 strategic and tactical “outer-core” leadership competencies) multi-rater assessment. It is one of the most popular leadership 360 assessments available today. If you want to have the STLI-360  administered, this includes us handling all the details to ensure your stakeholders are properly notified about their participation in your 360 assessment and provides confidential STLI-360 access information so they can provide their anonymous feedback. 

In addition, we will prepare a rich, actionable  custom 40-page STLI-360 Report that will enable you to: (a) compare your self-assessment ratings to your stakeholder’s (manager, peers, direct reports, indirect reports, and other) ratings; (b) detail your highest and lowest rated competencies and behaviors; (c) highlight your most significant “blind spots” and “surprise strengths”; and (d) capture “open-ended” comments from your stakeholders about your leadership strengths and development needs. 

Many clients request additional services from Jerrell Beard, including having him personally debrief their STLI-360 Report (these are 2-hour virtual coaching debriefs), and/or involving Jerrell and his team on larger projects involving administering the STLI-360 to a larger population of leaders.

STLI-360 Package

  • Free Enrollment Consultation
  • STLI-360 Multi-rater Assessment
  • 40 Page Performance Report
  • STLI-360 Debrief
  • Custom Stakeholder Emails
  • 2 Hour - Coaching
  • Free 21 Principles of Change Book
  • Free Intelligent Leader Book
  • 10% off Additional Coaching

Price: $899.00